These 7 rules will help you make a brilliant impression


These 7 rules will help you make a brilliant impression

These 7 rules will help you make a brilliant impression

Everyone wants to make a good impression. It's inevitable: we're social beings. Communication and cooperation are key to the survival of our species. In a variety of life situations, the next few rules can only be useful to us.

1. Reduce narcissism in conversation

They tell you about their new home and you immediately remember what a difficult battle you fought with that terrible broker last summer.
This appointment is a big mistake.

'We're tempted to share impressive things about ourselves, and what we should always have in mind is how we make the other person feel. Actively encourage others to speak for themselves, and respond sincerely without bringing the conversation back to you.

2. Do not issue the concern

Even if you're not quick-minded or well-nailed in any area, you can still leave a good impression  

Just focus on the other person. This, in turn, will take the pressure off you.

However, avoid questioning your new acquaintances. If you're nervous, try to control your movements.
And don't forget to talk slowly — when we're under pressure, we talk too fast.

3. Sunny mood

Be yourself

is the eternal advice you will hear from both psychologists and all sorts of modern gurus when it comes to a good first impression. But it is worth suppressing the bad mood when you meet a new person. If this is just a moment for you, your new acquaintances will decide that you are one of the eternal whiners.

There's the effect of infection

Your bad mood will make the mood of the other person worse. Try to start in bulk, and then share what worries you.

4. Eyes are important

If you want to get to know someone, break the common conventions in body language and hold their gaze for more than a second. When you first meet someone, focus on eye contact, smile and posture.

If you notice the color of his eyes and say 'great' 

you will actually smile and radiate a great mood.

5. Synchronize

Adjusting posture, voice, words and gestures to those of a new acquaintance is key, because we are attracted to other people who are just like us.

People react when you talk at their speed

To establish harmony instantly, "reflect" the nods and tilts of your new acquaintance's head.

6. Use compliments moderately

People like to flatter them

Even if they suspect they're being sneered at, they still like it. This works best when the person is convinced that you do not compliment left and right.

7. Correct the bad impression

You arrive at a party infuriated by a parking ticket. A friendly guest comes to meet you, but you rudely pass her away and head for the drinks. You've made a bad impression, but you can fix it by showing you're aware of yourself. Pull it aside and say, 

I wasn't myself a while ago.

 And let others correct the impression they left you if it was unpleasant.

Photos by Mimi Thian and Austin Distel on Unsplash

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