How to protect your car from theft

No one would like to go to the parking lot in the morning and see that his car is missing. 

Yes, we happen to forget where we left it, but if and after a thorough search of the area we can't find it, it's probably a theft that happened at night. In this case, we need to inform the authorities about the situation, as well as think about how to protect the vehicle from foreign interference in the future.

Take care of the safety of the car early and find out what car alarm can be found in the shops. Today, there are a variety of anti-thieves systems that will keep them away from the vehicle. They come with a compact remote, as well as have sensors detecting the approaching threat.

Can the alarm protect my car?

All cars can be subject to theft. The presence of an alarm system is mandatory to make sure that we will always find our vehicle where we left it for the last time. The alarm is the classic solution at high risk of damage to our property, and today almost every car has sensors to detect movements and actions aimed at its theft. The alarm system is a reliable means of ensuring the safety of the vehicle and is even a mandatory element to the overall wiring of the vehicle.

Alarm or immobilizer

Smart solutions are gradually displacing everyone else. Devices such as a car immobilizer and intuitive security systems are only a fraction of all technological advances. Modern electronics give us much more than in the past, and car alarms definitely prove it.

The immobilizer is more functional than the standard car alarm, which also provides a good level of protection but does not block parts of the car such as:

  • Engine;
  • Wheels;
  • Gearbox, etc.

The vehicle may be factory equipped with an immobilizer, but one can be added later.

How to place

Immobilizers can be placed in different places in the car, observing a standard scheme. To do this, you need to have minimal technical knowledge to help you carry out such a procedure. The recommendations of specialists are to hide the device in some of the following places:

  • Under the hood of the car;
  • Behind the instrument panel;
  • Behind the wheel;
  • The outside of the vehicle;
  • Out of the cockpit.

Every type of car alarm must be most reliable in order to be worth the investment we are about to make. Don't rely solely on your car key – choose smart theft protection solutions that don't require special training to be successfully installed.

Photos by William Krause and Syed Hussaini on Unsplash

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