Easy and effective tricks for cleaning stains on furniture at home


Everyone happens to spill coffee wine or other drinks on the living room side dish or kitchen sofa at home. 

What is the first thing we need to do to bring back the good looks of our furniture? There are time-tested tricks with which you can try to help yourself, not a bad idea, and look for the services of a professional cleaning company.

What are we not supposed to do? The worst thing we can do if food and drink stains appear on our stylish furniture is to let them dry. The more time passes from the spillage, the deeper the stain enters the tissues. Therefore, familiarize yourself with our advice and in case of an accident act immediately.

Alcohol stains

Stains of alcohol on upholstered furniture can be removed with the help of salt, which is poured on the affected surface and after a few minutes is removed with a sharp brush.

If a greasy stain falls on the designer damask on your sofa, furniture cleaning specialists advise not to rub it, as there is a danger that the fat will go deeper into the fabric and make it impossible to clean it.

To deal with the problem, pour the place with salt and a few drops of vinegar. When the mixture absorbs, rub the stain with an alcohol-soaked sponge until the desired effect is achieved.

Coffee stains

If you pour your cup of coffee on the sofa, treat the affected area immediately with a cloth soaked in glycerin, then wash with water. If you are trying to wash an old coffee stain, use diluted ammonia for this purpose.

Paint stains

If you have a small child in the family, you probably already know the stains of water, tempera, and bliss paints that can appear anywhere at home. Such stains should be removed as quickly as possible using an alcohol-soaked rag. If the stain is more stubborn, you can soak it with acetone, and when it evaporates, wash it.

Photos by Helena Yankovska and Anita Jankovic on Unsplash

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