12 rules for making money from the richest men

We offer you the rules of the richest businessman in the history of the world - the American entrepreneur from the 19th to the beginning of the 20th John Rockefeller. 

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He creates and develops in a more modern way petroleum business with an exceptional scale. His company, Standard Oil, founded in 1870, became so large that the court allowed it to be divided into several smaller companies

Calculated with the current value of the money, his wealth would be estimated at about 500 billion dollars.

John Rockefeller is one of the founders of the Federal Penitentiary of the United States - the institution that controls political policy and the national currency of the country. On the other hand, many of its activities are considered by the public to be illegal and immoral.

These rules for the attainment of wealth John Rockefeller taught his only son, and he passed it on to his sons. These simple tips of the world famous businessman make a huge impression in our days too.

Rule #1

Work less if you have a boss - work harder for yourself. The more you don't work for yourself, the worse you live. If you work all day, you don't have time to earn money.

Rule #2

Save money. Find out where you can buy goods cheaply and more cheaply. Prepare a shopping list and buy only this which is in the list.

Rule #3

If you have little money, you need to do business. If you have no money at all, you need to start a business urgently! That's right!

Rule #4

The path to great wealth lies only through passive income - the kind that comes to you regardless of your powers. Create a source of passive income and live for your satisfaction.

Rule #5

Make sure you earn at least $ 50,000 a month. May be more, less is not the case!

Rule #6

Money comes to you by other people. Communicate! Those, who doesn't communicate with others does not became richer.

Rule #7

Bad or poor people almost always drags you into poverty, treat and get around yourself with winners and optimists.

Rule #8

Poverty arises when you avoid responsibility. Don't start making a justification for why you can't start doing this at the present moment.

Rule #9

Take a look at the biographies and thoughts of the richest men in the world.

Rule #10

Dream of the main thing in your life. When someone stops dreaming, he starts to die.

Rule #11

Help the people with a pure heat, do not wait for something in return. Do not help only to someones you know but to people you don't know. Give 10% of your earnings for charity.

Rule #12

Create a business system that will work on its own - and enjoy life with your own money.

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